Etalon (from French word “etaler” - to display, show) is an exemplary measure; in other words - standard, measure. (Explanatory dictionary).
The “Boryspil autoplant” is one of the youngest factories in Ukraine of such type. It is a part of the well-known “Etalon” Corporation, with the basis of ideology to create and produce a wide range of vehicles of different applications for satisfaction of necessities of both internal market and markets of other countries lies.
Today the CJSC “Boryspil autoplant» is a modern independent production, with over 900 workers. The production areas of factory occupy over 7000 square meters. Factory manufactures over 1700 busses a year, with dozens of different modifications. The plant tightly cooperates with the science and research institute of machine building «Etalon», which united about 60 leading designers, having considerable practical experience in bus design. It is here where the ideas which are then realized are barn. “Boryspil autoplant” is completely domestic product. High qualification of “Boryspil autoplant” specialists makes it possible to develop designer documentation and master mass production of any vehicles in compressed time. Three modifications of A148 bus are presently launched in production. Components from sheet metal and profile pipes are made on highly productive machines «Bystronic», «Trumpf» and others. After welding in the body-shop, bus bodies pass the process of the three-layered painting in the paint-shop. Also the metal undergoes anti-corrosion treatment with the use of technologies of galvanization, which gives the bus body at least five year reliable protection from corrosion. Such painting meets world’s strictest standards. From the paint-shop the body goes to the assembly workshop, where it is set on the chassis. Here take place the setting of electrical equipment, floor installation, internal edging of roof and seats mounting. From this workshop, the bus rolls out on its own to pass the stand and brake tests. The plant and all products which are produced at the plant are certified. The system of quality management ISO 9001 is used at the plant, which results in a very strict quality control on all stages of production. Every bus passes up to 50 different types of tests, among which there are ground, road and stand tests.