Quality, warranty and service


Ensuring safe operation of fleet of buses and trucks "Etalon"

production of  "BAZ".


    The organization of this issue at our company is based on the provisions of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine 721 dated 29.12.2004 "On approval of the warranty repair (servicing) or warranty replacement of road vehicles.

    It should be noted, the complex of measures aimed at our after-sales maintenance of buses and trucks (the vehicle - vehicles) in warranty and post periods directly affect the promotion of the brand "Standard" in Ukraine and other CIS countries (to date has operated more than 8000 buses and about 100 trucks).

    In our country organized a network of 57 service stations (STO), equipped with all necessary equipment, and working with us on a contractual relationship. The purpose of its creation - support at the appropriate level of vehicle maintenance through the implementation of complex technical measures. We have developed special provisions for certification service stations, which demands (and equipment of the level of qualification and the availability of spare parts) subject to fulfillment most stations.

  1. At the stations are specialists in the service vehicle "Etalon", many of whom were trained and conducted training for our company. Education, according to the contract, free of charge.

  2. JSC Boryspil Autoplant provides all necessary technical documentation service station for servicing and overhaul of buses. Also, given the norms of time to repair and complete catalog of spare parts.

  3. For repair of buses operating for a sufficient amount of spare parts warehouses, service stations (depending on the number of buses in a particular region).

    The company, relevant parts of all bus breakdowns are studied, classified, and then run corrective action in the form of changes in design, manufacturing methods, or recommendations legacy buses in the process of operation, etc. All these processes are reflected in the technical and operational documentation. It should be noted that failures related to the chassis produced by Tata (India) deals with (always on the company) representative and a special Internet program Warranty wide passed The enterprise chassis.


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    We inform you that the business of "Borispol Auto" zone of responsibility for resolving issues of TK, the sale of spare parts and warranty issues are distributed as follows:

1. Mall tel / fax - (044)597-20-09

2. Parts department phone / fax - (044)597-20-47 Head (cell) 067-422-12-40

3. Safeguards Division Tel / Fax - (044)585-95-57 Head (cell) 067-536-62-77


Quality policy

by "Borispol Auto"


    Politics Joint Stock Company "Boryspil Automobile Plant in the area as directed on realization of the mission - the production of high quality vehicles at affordable prices for motor utilities or private property, private entrepreneurs of Ukraine for the benefit of partners, shareholders and employees.

    We set a goal to offer customers the range of different passenger buses and supplies, as well as truck, in a wide range of value for money and a set of consumer characteristics that meet the current requirements of reliability, durability, safety, and comfort.. Management system that operates at the enterprise, planned, implemented, analyzed and improved as a set of interrelated between the processes aimed at improving quality, improving safety and health personnel.

    The company created the conditions for each employee awareness of personal responsibility for the production of quality products, adherence to norms and rules of safety and environmental protection, training of workers, production personnel and engineering staff, their training and awareness.

    Seniors of the Joint Stock Company "Boryspil Automobile Plant" are the leaders and guarantors of law and the requirements of ISO 9001, continuous analysis and improvement of the quality management system.

    This policy defines the content of our work, and communicated to all employees, customers and shareholders.




Chairman                                                                    A.L. Ostapchuk