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Information about the plant


Corporation Etalon defining targets to address different problems in the automotive industry, the major ones - the creation and production of buses and other vehicles, the technical level which would meet modern requirements.

The corporation currently consists of the following companies:
closed joint-stock company "Boryspil Automobile Plant";
subsidiary - science and technology Center "Etalon";
open joint stock company "Chernihivavtodetal";
closed joint-stock company "Chernigov automobile";
open joint stock company "Stry-Auto";
leasing company "Etalon Auto" and a number of other companies.

The base of the corporation is a closed joint stock company "Boryspil Automobile Plant" - one of the youngest (registered 30 th April 2002) of Ukraine in the design and manufacture of vehicles. Today, despite the short history, the plant is widely known not only in the territory of Ukraine but also abroad. When the plant created a powerful scientific-technical center "Etalon", of which, in addition to a wide range of qualified young professionals are leading experts in the field bus. Thus factory team in a short time can develop the design documentation and learn the production of any vehicles.

Is interesting brief historical timeline of the plant, which vividly describes the creative potential of its staff, management style and methods of production process:
. 1 st June 2002 - start work on developing the structure and formation of the plant, to establish scientific and technological center for re-production areas, etc.;
. 1 st July 2002 - the beginning of the development of design documentation for suburban small class model BAZ-A079 "Etalon" on the chassis of TATA LP 613, which under the license of "Mercedes Benz" goods Indian firm TATA Engineering ";
. 1 st August 2002 - the beginning of construction of the first five buses;
. 5 th September 2002 - the beginning of the development of design documentation for bus type "taxi" very small class model BAZ-2215 "Dolphin";
. 2 nd October 2002 - the official launch of the plant (the lines off the first two buses);
. 1 st December 2002 - early design work on the construction of new promising class of small buses with low-floor models BAZ-3201 and BAZ-3202 "Snowdrop"
. 20 th December 2002 - made the first prototype of the bus very small class model BAZ-2215;
. 28 th December 2002 - Pre-certification testing and bus BAZ-A079.04 "Etalon", received certificates of compliance for industrial batch and sold to consumers first bus;
. 26 February 2003 - produced the first samples of school buses - especially small class model BAZ-2215 school. and small class model BAZ-A079.11 "Shkolyaryk;
. 25 th May 2003 - Demonstration Motor SIA-2003 in Kiev ten models of vehicles - particularly buses of small class model BAZ-2215, the buses of small class BAZ-3240 (to chassis IVECO 49.12), BAZ-A079.04 (Review of laminated windows), intercity bus passing movement BAZ-A079.07, buses of small class BAZ-3201 and BAZ-3202, coach small class BAZ-3203 Edelweiss, school buses BAZ-2215 school. and database-A079.11 "Shkolyaryk, as well as light-duty truck transportation and technological purpose BAZ-3340" ter "(similar - car Multicar, Germany);
. 17 th June 2003 - sold to consumers 100th bus model BAZ-A079.04;
. 20 th September 2003 - a conveyor for "Borispol Auto" came 250th bus.